Harrisons’ dedicated team of mediators offer a method of resolving business and personal disputes without recourse to expensive and time consuming legal action.

Mediation is a well established and cost effective process for resolving disputes.


Mediation involves an independent third party – a mediator – who helps both sides come to a commercially agreed solution to their dispute.

Mediation is a voluntary process which takes place in private and is confidential. Mediators do no make judgments and will not direct you towards a particular outcome or express a personal opinion.

A mediator will help you and the other party come to an agreement by asking questions and clarifying and exploring options for resolving your dispute. If for any reason you don’t want to meet the other side, the mediator will act as a go between.

Most mediations are resolved within one day meaning the process is significantly quicker, cheaper than Court proceedings. Mediators are able to explore creative solutions with the parties that a Court could not order. It is also a much less stressful process for the participants than the Court process and can help preserve relationships whether business or personal.


Based in Newtown and Welshpool offering mediation across a large catchment area including Mid, North and West Wales and Shropshire, our ADR Group Accredited Mediators can assist with any type of civil or commercial dispute including:

Agricultural disputes

Boundary disputes

Building and construction disputes

Commercial contract disputes

Company/shareholder disputes

Employment related dispute

Inheritance disputes

Intellectual property disputes

Land disputes

Partnership disputes

Probate, trust and will disputes

Professional negligence disputes




Some 75% of mediations settle on the day with a further 11% of those that do not settle on the day settling soon afterwards


Parties embarking on mediation have the certainty of fixed costs.

Depending on the issues involved, our fees, per party, are usually between £750- £950 per party. Additional time is charged at £125 per hour per party.


We have two accredited mediators Emma Serjeant and Ceri Ellis-Jones both of whom trained with and are accredited by ADR Group the leading mediation group both nationally and internationally.

For more information or to make enquiries about our availability please contact Emma Serjeant on 01938 551472 or